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Sunday, 16 August 2009

Cambodian Dancers – Danseuses Cambodgiennes

Cambodian Dancers – Ancient and Modern

by George Groslier

Foreword by Paul Cravath -Edited by Kent Davis

ISBN 978-1-934431-11-5

cambodian dancers groslier 207x300 Cambodian Dancers   Danseuses Cambodgiennes

Cambodian Dancers, Ancient and Modern presents the first English translation of George Groslier’s 1913 work, Danseuses Cambodgiennes, in an expanded hardcover edition.

In 1913, George Groslier’s book Danseuses cambodgiennes, anciennes et modernes became the first significant historic account of Cambodia’s sacred royal dancers. Today, his work stands as a milestone in understanding this ancient tradition.

Historian, curator and author George Groslier (1887-1945) dedicated his life and career to Cambodia, becoming the motivating force behind the revival in traditional Cambodian arts and crafts in the early 20th century. His devotion to preserving Khmer traditions helped shape the proud cultural identity shared by all Cambodians today.

Cambodian Dancers, Ancient and Modern presents the first complete English translation of Groslier’s pivotal work in an expanded hardcover edition, beautifully typeset with nearly 200 of the author’s original drawings and supplemented by the complete original French text, bibliographic data and index. This edition also features an exclusive 2008 interview with the author’s daughter, Nicole Groslier, and select personal photos from the Groslier family archive.

Scheduled for release Spring 2009

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